Top 10 Breast Enhancement Pills with Strong Reputation

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Nowadays, the female beauty industry offers us a great variety of ways to make your breasts larger, firmer, smoother and, thus, more attractive. You do know about diet control, physical exercises (chest and breast strengthening), natural supplements, etc. However, what is the best for you? What will work and provide useful results?

Fortunately, you have a lot of offers to make your choice among. In this article, you are going to find 10 top rated breast enhancement pills, which have helped women from around the world to make their dreams come true with no risks and harm to their health.

#1 Breast Actives


This solution is designed for women to make their breasts larger, firmer, and more lifted just in several weeks and this is a great plus. The manufacturer claims that the Breast Actives formula is 100% natural and, thus, can cause no harm to women. Also, you will get a generous money-back guarantee 90 days. In other words, you have three months to give a try to the product and decide whether it works for you. If no results are achieved, you just return your order and get your money back.

Breast Actives is a two-step solution that offers its customers natural, potent and powerful results. You are recommended taking one pill with a glass of warm water and your meal and applying the cream directly to your boobs on a daily basis. This is a straightforward and simple way to increase the size of your breasts, make your shapes curvier, and improve your skin. The solution also offers a unique exercise program that can help you strengthen your chest and breast muscles and enhance your gains.

BreastActives is the most researched breast enlargement pill
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Breast Actives Formula

This solution (both the pills and the cream) contain only natural ingredients, including:

  1. Fennel,
  2. Fenugreek,
  3. Damiana,
  4. Hops flower,
  5. Saw Palmetto,
  6. Dong Quai,
  7. Blessed Thistle,
  8. Mexican Wild Yam.

Bottom Line

These useful herbs have been used in traditional medicine for hundreds of years showing their potent effects. In addition to larger breast size, they can make your skin smoother and your busts firmer. It will enhance your self-confidence and improve your breast health.

#2 Total Curve


This product claims that your curves can become sexier and, thus, more attractive in the blink of an eye. Total Curve will add some inches to the size of your breasts, and make them firmer, smoother and stronger. This solution also prevents sagging and can be used by women to correct their busts after pregnancy, breastfeeding or aging. If your breasts are disproportionate, Total Curve is also for you.

It offers you the supplement and lifting and firming gel. You are recommended taking one capsule and apply the gel directly to your bust every day to gain the highest effects.

Total Curve Formula

The solution can ensure such great results due to its 100% natural formula. The daily supplement contains:

  1. Buckwheat Leaves,
  2. Fennel Seed,
  3. Dong Quai,
  4. Damiana,
  5. Blessed Thistle,
  6. Hops,
  7. Watercress Leaves,
  8. Black Cohosh,
  9. Wild Yam Root.

The key ingredient of the gels is Volufiline containing sarsasapogenin and stimulating lipogenesis. In other words, it interacts with the fatty tissues in your breast and causes fat cells to grow. They make you bust larger, firmer, and fuller.

Bottom Line

In addition to bigger and more beautiful boobs, you will experience higher self-esteem and notice more men enjoying your perfect curves.

TotalCurve is a #1 breast enhancement cream
(thousands of happy customers)


#3 MaxBust


MaxBust 36 is claimed to be a unique supplement in the breast enhancement market that offers capsules to make women happier and their curves sexier and more attractive. The company ensures that these breast enhancement pills can increase your breasts by one cup size in 30 days. Natural Curves is formulated to target the inner part of your bust the fat cells making them grow and, thus, increase your breast.

This product contains a synergistic blend of natural herbs and nutraceuticals that do not lead to any side-effects. A proprietary blend of isoflavones and other herbal extracts balances the levels of the main female hormones responsible for breast development and maximizes the growth of the fatty tissue in your bust.

These safe and potent herbs contained in MaxBust 36  are:

  1. Berberis Aristata,
  2. Cissampelos Pareira,
  3. Lauh Bhasma,
  4. Cuminum Cyminum Trigonella,
  5. Foenumgraecum,
  6. Bottom Line,
  7. Asparagus Racemosus,
  8. Withania Somniferia.

This solution is of the best in the industry and has a lot of positive customers reviews. So, MaxBust 36 can make you more attractive and impressive.

MaxBust36 – the best selling breast enhancement pill in 2018
(thousands of happy customers)


#4 Breast Fast

This product is a natural breast enlargement supplement formulated for women to avoid expensive and risky surgeries and achieve the healthy results. Breast Fast is a non-prescription pill, manufactured in the laboratory registered by the FDA in the USA, and available online. The company claims that you can notice improvements in four to eight weeks of non-stop use.

Breast Fast Formula

This solution guarantees high results and no side-effects due to its 100% safe and natural proprietary blend that contains potent phytoestrogens. They are:

  1. Saw Palmetto,
  2. Fennel,
  3. Dong Quai,
  4. Damiana,
  5. Blessed Thistle,
  6. Dandelion,
  7. Watercress,
  8. Black Cohosh,
  9. Wild Yam.

These herbs mimic estrogen, the female hormone responsible for breast development, and make fat cells grow. Thus, your boobs become larger and fuller.

Bottom Line

To gain the heights, you are recommended taking three pills on a daily basis. Mammorex is an excellent alternative to breast enlargement surgery and helps women avoid risks and possible harm to their health. It will make you look impressive.

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#5 Breast Success


This is a potent and safe herbal supplement designed for women to make their breast curves larger, smoother, and curvier. Thus, your breasts will become nicer, firmer and fuller. In addition to bust enlargement, Breast Success can also support your breast toning. It is available online (see the official website) for USD 39.95 per one-month supply.

The company claims that women can notice breast enhancement in five to eight weeks of the continuing use. So, you should take three capsules twice a day and do not skip a day.

Breast Success Formula

The supplement is a potent blend of 13 phytoestrogens, including:

  1. Fennel Seed,
  2. Mexican Wild Yam Root,
  3. Blessed Thistle,
  4. Pacific Kelp,
  5. Black Cohosh Root,
  6. L-Tyrosine,
  7. Damiana, and others.

These natural ingredients are approved by time and experts and do not cause any harm to the women’s health.

All the compounds are GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) foods certified by the FDA.

Bottom Line

Breast Success is a perfect solution for women who desire to increase and improve their breasts without any health risks and harm.

#6 RevitaBust


This product has high rates among customers as this breast enhancement pill is a natural solution formulated to stimulate the breast growth in women without any risks. The company officially states that RevitaBust is free from any side effects: short-term as well as long-term. This solution offers in addition to breast development shape enhancement and breast firming.

You will pay USD 59.95 for a one-month supply. Every customer will get a 30-day money back guarantee. So, you have one month to try how RevitaBust works and send your order back if you are not satisfied with your gains.

RevitaBust Formula

This solution is free from risks and side-effects as it contains only natural herbs, which influence the fatty tissues in your breast and make the fat cells develop. The proprietary blend is packed with:

  1. Fennel Seeds,
  2. Blessed Thistle,
  3. L- Tyrosine.

The key ingredients are Pueraria Mirifica, Fenugreek Seeds, and Damiana, phytoestrogens, which enhance your busts.

Bottom Line

RevitaBust is a natural breast enlargement alternative that can help women make their shapes curvier. However, the formula efficiency lacks clinical proofs, and it is hard to find any convincing reviews.

#7 BustMaxx


This is another breast enhancement supplement reported to ensure quite good results among women who want to improve their bust shapes. The official website claims that it can add up to three cups to your size, and you can notice optimal improvements within five months of the permanent use. This solution can also improve breast firmness, enhance breast shape, and ensure long-term results.

BustMaxx is an excellent replacement for breast augmentation that can lead to dangerous consequences and requires high expenses.

BustMaxx Formula

Do you think how it is possible to achieve such results? It is a simple process as BustMaxx is a proprietary blend that contains only natural ingredients:

  1. Fenugreek,
  2. Saw Palmetto,
  3. Wild Yam,
  4. Fennel,
  5. Damiana,
  6. Dong Quai,
  7. Blessed Thistle,
  8. Pueraria Mirifica.

You are recommended taking one capsule on a daily basis and enjoy its effectiveness. However, you should remember that our body types are different, and the results may vary. We individually react to the formula and may need more time or efforts to achieve the heights.

#8 Bosom Blossom


This is a natural breast enhancement cream that can make your breast shapes more beautiful and impressive. Bosom Blossom is reported to enlarge your breasts by 150%. You can see the first improvements in four to eight weeks (it depends on how your body reacts to the ingredients). A significant advantage is that 80% of users are satisfied with their gains.

Bosom Blossom Formula

This cream is packed with safe and powerful natural ingredients, including:

  1. Winter Cherry,
  2. Aloe Vera,
  3. Rose Water,
  4. Olive Oil,
  5. Walnut Oil,
  6. Almond Oil,
  7. Potassium Sorbate.

They stimulate the growth of your bust tissues by controlling the blood levels in them. In addition to breast enlargement, these extracts and oils will make your skin smoother and softer.

The only minus is that this product is not available on the open market. You should also take into account that some customers report weight increase.

#9 Purafem


Purafem is Pueraria Mirifica capsules, which contain the finest herbs cultivated in South East Asia. This supplement is designed to enhance, firm, and lift your breasts naturally. It is perfect for use during and after menopause as it works as herbal relief aid. Purafem helps balance hormone levels in the women’s body.

Purafem Formula

Each capsule contains 350 mg of pure Pueraria Mirifica and no other additives. The extract derives from the root of the plant where the potent phytoestrogens come from.

One bottle contains 60 capsules. You are recommended taking two pills twice a day for 15 days and then, make a 15-day break.

Your order will arrive with a 60-day money back guarantee. So, you have two months to give a try to the product and decide whether it works for you.

#10 BustXtreme


This supplement appears to be one of the most effective breast enhancement products in the market. It offers women to increase the size of their breast, make them firmer and more lifted. The manufacturer claims that you can see improvements in 8 to 9 weeks and the effectiveness period is approved by experts. BustXtreme also fights with factors, which affect breast appearance, including pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight changes, and aging. By increasing your busts, this product will improve your self-confidence and make men around you enjoy the way you look.

You can achieve additional two cups in five to six months with no dangerous medicines, risky surgeries or devices only natural components and pleasant consequences.

BustXtreme Formula

BustXtreme offers women such great results because it is a special blend formulated from natural herbs, botanicals, and nutrients:

  1. Saw Palmetto,
  2. Fenugreek,
  3. Fennel Seed,
  4. Blessed Thistle,
  5. Mexican Wild Yam,
  6. Tyrosine,
  7. Atlantic Kelp,
  8. Mothers Wort,
  9. Damiana,
  10. and Dong Quai.

These natural ingredients activate estrogen, the female hormone responsible for breast growth, care about skin, and support the shape.

Bottom Line

The compounds are tested by experts and cause no serious side-effects or any harm to your health. BustXtreme is produced in the laboratory certified by the FDA, is cGMP approved, and follows the US Pharmacopoeia standards. It is entirely safe for women.

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