How To Return Women’s Desire Back

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Married couples those who indulge in sex several times a day will lose the vigor at one point of time due to various reasons. Sex will carry more meaning only when both the partners have the identical mindset. When both of them suffer from anxiety or mood swings, they will be unable to focus on the sexual relationship or intercourse.

Women are more prone to sexual aversion than men due to various reasons. Men will get heightened levels of sexual mood quickly compared to their counterparts. But women will feel lonely inside when she suffers from psychological or physical problems. Mental problems will be past hurts in a sexual relationship, and physical issues will be menstrual disorders, minor diseases, and other forms of white discharge from the vagina. Women are more prone even to panic and fear attacks.

Men should be able to diagnose the mental preparedness of the women before indulging in sex. If they show reluctance, then men should find out the reason behind such aversions and try to fix the problem of low women’s desire through time-tested methods. Sex will always be a challenge only to the people those who do not have any idea or interest in it. For others, it is an enjoyable and relaxing task.

Past hurts or relationship problems will play havoc


Ladies will enter into a meaningful sexual relationship only they have high levels of libido and testosterone. Both estrogen and testosterone hormone will secrete wonderfully for women. But in few cases, they secrete in lower proportions. These types of libido problems can be corrected through several ways.

Females those who suffer from lower libido can take natural herbal supplements that can stimulate sex hormones and increase women’s desire, or they can seek physicians help when other traditional methods fail.

There are also girls those who are introverts, those who lack sexual vigor. Men have to understand the physical and psychological requirements of the women before entering into sexual activities. Women those who are very active during the day, may feel aloof during nights. Men always have the urge to come into intercourse immediately which is incredibly wrong. Women expect many activities from men during sex, and one of the important events they hope is oral sex. Individuals those who love sex should start everything slowly and steadily.

Aversion may happen during menstrual cycles

Girls suffer from a headache, stomach pain, severe bleeding, cramps and other such physical problems before, during and after menstrual cycles. Though they may have perversions and libidos, they will not be able to enter into sexual activities due to these types of physical problems. Even men suffer from fatigue, stress, anxiety and lower libido when the day was stressful. So, both girls and boys, those who are entering into a sexual relationship, should understand others realistic mentality before offering their body for sex.


Unlike men’s body, women’s body is prone to several hormonal changes during aging. Women those who had sexual desires during young age may have an aversion towards it when they reach mid-age. Married women may lack the sexual vigor when their spouse has sexually abused or tormented in the past. Counseling is needed if this is the case. There are professional counselors those who offer psychological advice to married couples. Married couples may show interest in sex after the counseling.

Time may provide a solution to past pains and anguish

Girls suffer from constant mood swings that might be due to various causes. When severe anxiety strikes women, they will seclude away from the certain spouse period. The husband should focus the problems from his wife’s viewpoint and wait for few months until such time she recoups from the pain. But in reality, the things are exactly the opposite. Both of them become impatient when problems strike and run away with others. The secret of sexual life is nothing but understanding each other’s thought and actions. Grownups should share their feelings and emotions regularly which will pave the way for positive sex life. Girls and boys should openly share their thoughts before exploring each other’s body. Time, space and place also play a significant role in the sexual experience. If the sexual poses are mundane, men will lose interest quickly. Boys can take their counterparts to different locations and activate their sexual hormones.

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