How To Increase Breast Size With Foods

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Papaya is very helpful to increase breast size naturally. Papaya mixed with milk (milkshake) increase your breast size in 6-8 months.  For better result, you can mix a spoon full of honey with this papaya shake. If you do not like to drink milk just eat papaya mixing honey on it. The result will be the same.


Sesame seeds contain estrogen that helps to get a larger breast size. Include sesame to your daily food chart.


Radish has some astringent properties that help to improve the blood flow to the tissues found in the breasts. Enhanced circulation of the blood to the boobs would assist to enlarge your breast size quickly and effectively. So, include radish in your everyday dish.


Massage a small amount of wheat germ oil over your breast to improve the flow of the blood to the region, and make your breasts look rounder and fuller.


Saw Palmetto also helps in improving breast size naturally. Consume this herb regularly to increase your breast size.


Nuts are very useful food that increases breast size naturally as it contains protein and fat in it. Add this to your daily dish to get the maximum result.


Fennel seeds. Heat cod liver oil in a pan. Add four teaspoon of Fennel seeds and some Tulse leaves (holy basil). When fennel seeds will turn red, strain the oil. Apply this oil on the breasts and massage gently clockwise and anti-clockwise. Wash off after 40-50 minutes. Do this every day to get a larger result.


Consume soy products (soybean, tofu, soy milk, soy Molasses, soy nut, etc.) to get a quick result.


Eat chicken regularly as it increases your breast size.


Fenugreek sprout is much effective to enhance your boob size. Take one teaspoon full of fenugreek sprout with your breakfast and dinner and just watch the miracle. You can so make a paste of fenugreek seed and massage your breasts to increase your breast size quickly.

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