How To Do Self Breast Massage

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Did you know that most of us ladies take better care of our hair, nails, face, and feet than our breasts? Crazy, not? Especially considering the fact that breasts are our primal centers of emotions, nourishment, and love. But yeah.. don’t get me wrong. I have been there myself. But a lot of things changed in my life during the last years and so therefore in today article, I want to share with you my self-breast massage ritual.

Because believe it or not but self-breast massage is healing on so many levels. It eases the youmenstrual flow, increases your sexual energy, improves your breast shape, reduces lumps and cysts, and most of all it deepens the connection to your breasts.

Before I show you step by step how you can massage your breasts let me share with you some food for thought.

Stuff like tight bras restricts your lymph circulation. And when your lymph flow is limited your body builds up toxins in this area. And those toxins may eventually lead to diseases you don’t want to mess with.

But what can be even more powerful than the physical factors is the way you feel.Feelings of resentment, being heartbroken, a negative body image and all of those heavy emotions can do a lot of damage to our breast tissue. This is because all those emotions are being felt in your heart. And your heart is closely connected to your breasts.


The ancient physicians of China believed that breasts are an extension of the heart. They house your deepest emotional wounds, but they also house your greatest capacity for love.

So let’s check out my self-breast massage ritual.

Heres what you will need: your hands, a massage oil, 5 minutes, a loving mind and if you want some candles. Choose a place where you feel safe and comfortable. I like candles and the scent of essential oil in my room. It reminds me that something really special is about to happen.

Now free your breasts and let them breathe, or just take off your t-shirt or whatever you are wearing. If you want to go wild chant the sound hum. Its the healing sound of the heart and, therefore, your breasts.

Feel the warmth flowing into your breast and imagine this warmth to be love.Now lightly start tapping your chest with your fingertips, the sides of the neck and space just behind the collarbone. This will activate your lymphatic system which helps to filter out all the nasty stuff you don’t want in your body.

Now lift your arm and tap the sides of your upper body – from the ribs up until your armpit. This will further activate your lymphatic system.

Then lift your arm slightly and with two fingers press gently deep inside your armpit. Hold it for 3 seconds and release for 3 seconds and repeat four more times. Make sure your shoulder is relaxed.Lots of your lymph drain through this area. This is why this exercise jump-starts the process of clearing the entire breast.


Now take a high-quality natural oil or breast enhancement cream likeNaturaful, and rub it into your hands. I have made my blend of coconut oil, paramo root oil, fenugreek and some other power herbs. And I love it.. but any other high-quality oil will do as well.Now with your oiled hands begin to mobilize your breast by cupping and rotating it. Lift the breast tissue away from the chest wall and roll your bust between your palms. Work also in the opposite direction, so you access different areas. Use a super light touch here. You only want to move the skin, not massage the muscles.

Then slightly bend over and shake your breasts. Do so slow and sensually, don’t pretend you fluff a pillow. Work your breasts with grace and love.

Now one more time rotates the breast between your hands. Five times in one direction. Five times in the opposite direction. And to finish off the first side hold your chest once more and hum. Send love into your breast. Then move on to the other side.

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