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Many girls dream about big breasts and want to enlarge breast with home remedies, but only a few make an effort to change something and take a step to meet their dream. Many girls remain dreaming and do nothing.


fenugreek capsules

Take fenugreek capsules to enlarge breasts naturally. Find the form that you prefer. The tablets are very comfortable and will suit those who do not like to brew tea from herbs. Fenugreek is used for good digestion, low blood sugar, hair growth, with a breakdown, nervous exhaustion, and only in the last instance, as a side effect, this herb increases your breasts

Folic acid and Zinc

The second tip that is not less important – while taking various vitamins be sure to take folic acid and zinc. These are essential minerals for your breast be fuller and rounder. Why? Because these minerals produce new cells. The cells divide faster. If you currently have puberty, these minerals are essential for you.

Fatty acids

evening primrose oil

Do not forget about the fatty acids to enlarge breasts. For example, you can take evening primrose oil. It is a female oil for beauty and youth; it is used as cancer prevention, for PMS, while reducing weight, at puberty, during cell division. Also, you can drink cod liver oil.



Many people underestimate the effects of sports. It is in vain. Sport improves overall metabolism. Chest exercises make breasts more lifted, contoured and beautiful. If you slim, you can do any chest exercise – push-ups,  dumbbell press. For those who have not developed pectoral muscles absolutely, any training will benefit. If you are prepared physically, then you need to do the exercise with weights, with fairly strong weights to grow chest muscles.

When you start training fatty tissue becomes thinner. A chest, in turn, is also from fat. It also should not be forgotten.

Eat well


Be sure to eat. It is necessary to eat. Because if you do not eat, you will lose weight, and your breasts will lose in volume. Some products affect the shape of the breast. They include phytoestrogens. These products include soy, beans. They make your breasts bigger. Some people believe that if you eat soy often, soon you can find cancer cells. I do not know how much this is true.

Breast oil


You can make oil for breast and rub it on the chest every night. Massage improves blood circulation. If you are massaging your breasts often, then it becomes larger. Why? Because during this action in your body produces prolactin, which increases the bust.

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