The Most Common Myths About Breast Enhancement At Home

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If you are among those women who dream about larger and rounder breasts, you have probably looked through the Internet and forums and found kilograms of information that provides the detailed description of how to do it naturally. You can do breast enhancement exercises, consume special food, take breast enlargement supplements or apply creams and gels. You may even combine several techniques to gain the highest effect. But are all these recommendations useful?

Yes, some of them do work and show good results. But some of them can lead to entirely unexpected achievements. So, before you start your breast enhancement program at home, you should know that there are a lot of perverted facts about how to make your breast larger naturally.

Let’s look how your breasts develop to understand the basics that can help you choose a correct enlargement process.

Breast Development Process


The size of the breasts in women is determined by a wide range of factors, which take place during puberty and maturity. They are genetics, hormonal balance, and medical history. If you have small bust due to genetics, it is quite difficult to increase it naturally. If hormones somehow affect the size of your breasts, you have chances to correct the balance. And the whole process and success depend on your previous medical history and doctors recommendations.

Genetics (when you inherit your shapes from our relatives) usually plays a key role in breast development and can be a primary reason for a small size. Thus, you can try to enhance the shape and skin of your bust, but it is almost impossible to increase them in size by taking pills or doing exercises.

The hormonal disorder can also lead to small breasts. You are recommended check your estrogen and progesterone levels as they are hormones responsible for breast growth.

Hypermetabolism can be another cause of the underdeveloped breasts. The increased rate of metabolic activity makes your body burn fats permanently. As your bust contains only fat, you are likely to have a small size.

Breast Enlargement Process

The good news is that there are some natural ways to increase the size of the breasts in women. However, if you think that this process is easy, simple, and fast, you are mistaken. It requires time, efforts, and dedication. If you are ready, let’s start it:

1. Enlarge Breast by Exercising


Breast enhancement exercises are one of the effective methods to strengthen your breasts. They will help you increase the muscles, which are under your breasts making them look bigger. It does not enlarge the cup size but makes your breasts fuller and rounder.

The myth is that exercises can increase the size of your bust quickly and efficiently. They do work and make your femininity symbol look larger, but they take a lot of time. There are most potent natural ways that can add some inches to your cup. If you prefer this method, you can try doing dumbbell flyes, with pushups, and chest dips. These exercises are the easiest ones and take a few minutes of your day.

2.Enlarge Breast by Taking Special Herbs and Foods


You should have heard that some foods and herbs do increase the size of your breasts. So, here are herbs, which you may add to your daily diet and enjoy your curvier shapes:

  • Blessed Thistle that mimics the hormones involved in breastfeeding. This makes your body think that it produces milk and, thus, increases the size of the breasts.
  • Fenugreek that works like Blessed Thistle and enlarges the bust as if you were a breastfeeding woman.
  • Fennel Seeds that work by increasing estrogen level in the female body.
  • Saw Palmetto that is responsible for testosterone blockade and allows estrogen to circulate freely through your body.

To achieve the highest effect, you are recommended using fresh herbs. You may make tea or add the herbs to your meals as spices. In addition to breast enhancement, they will ensure pleasant aromas and taste. Powders or pills are less effective.

3.Enlarge Breast by Using Creams


You may make your own breast enhancement at home cream from the herbs listed above. As you apply it directly to your breasts, the product penetrates through your skin and influences breast tissues. Therefore, it is one of the fastest ways to increase your cup size.

If you prefer purchasing a ready-made cream like Curvy Bust, you should check its ingredient list and be sure that it does not contain chemicals or toxins. They can cause harm to your health and cause serious side effects.

Now you know how to act to make your femininity symbol curvier, firmer, and more attractive without any risky and dangerous surgeries and medications. You just need patience, persistence, and dedication to make your dreams come true naturally. Enjoy your perfect shapes!

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