Can Hormone Pills Increase Breast Size?

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Hormone pills for breast enlargement are gaininmore significanter popularity with each day. They have been popular because they are considered better than other methods for breast enlargement. Most of the women have the desire to enlarge their breasts and to improve their firmness. However, many of them do not succeed in that. A large number of women still opt-in to surgeries, which often prove to be very expensive and also dangerous method that can leave consequences to women`s health. Hormone pills are cheaper, so women are taking them to reach their wanted breast size. However, there are still large numbers of women that have some doubts and wonder whether hormone pills can increase their breast size.

Many have reported that hormone pills have increased their breast size. The main thing is to follow a strict regimen and take them as advised. The main contributor towards the increased size of breasts in women`s body is the female hormone called estrogen. Increased levels of estrogen lead to bigger breast size but taking hormone pills that boost production of estrogen does not bring positive results overnight. It requires following a long-term program that should bring good results after a while. Estrogen plays a vital role in many functions in women`s reproductive system, and it also helps in boosting the growth of breasts during the period of puberty and later in life. Estrogen is also involved in numerous processes for distribution of fat throughout the women’s body, especially in the region around hips and breasts. Because biggest changes are happening during the maturing years, this is the time when breast tissue is formed and then developed.

Estrogen-based hormone pills are not the only ones that can help in getting bigger breasts. Female body also has many other hormones that are less known, but that also contribute towards the growth of breasts. Hormone pills that boost levels of estrogen in the body are not your only option, so you can also look for pills that contain natural ingredients and that boost other hormone levels in the body. You have many options on the market today, so pick those pills that contain several natural ingredients that are known to help in enlarging breast size. However, always remember that the size of your breasts mostly depends on your genetics, so not always you can reach the desired results. Your genetics determine how far you can go, so some women cannot significantly increase their breast size no matter what regimen they follow or how long they take hormone pills.


If the woman is predisposed to have smaller breasts, no amount of hormones or medicines can magically make them look bigger. Due to genetics, many women have fatty tissue around the chest area, which cannot be fully eliminated. Other women simply have bigger fat on their entire body, so pills cannot do wonders and make everything magically appear or disappear. The shape and overall size of breasts are different from one woman to another, so it is not possible to say categorically whether the hormone pills can increase smaller breasts.

Women should also know that levels of estrogen inside their bodies often rise when they are pregnant or in the period just before they ovulate. These are times when women often notice that their breast sizes have considerably increased. If you are taking hormone pills during this time, you may swell the breasts, so this is another thing that should be taken into consideration.

Hormone pills are helping the body to create more estrogen. They are considered mostly safe, but you should always follow recommendations of the manufacturer, and you also may want to consult a professional. Taking them during pregnancy is not advisable, but for the most part, they are considered good option to increase estrogen levels in the body. Always be careful when taking hormone pills as some studies have shown that there can sometimes be side effects. Even if they are labeled as safe supplements with natural ingredients, have in mind that the herbs and other compounds are concentrated in larger amounts. Therefore, always consult a medical professional before deciding to take hormone pills to increase your breast size.

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